Career-Focused Classes: Hospitality/Auto/Welding/Medical

Wake Tech’s College and Career Readiness program offers five career-focused classes:

1) Hospitality/Customer Service

2) A Career in Auto-Maintenance: Introduction

3) Automotive Detailing

4) Welding Practical

Minimum level for these courses: ESL or ABE (Adult Basic Education) Intermediate High

5) Medical Terminology Essentials

Minimum level for Medical Terminology:  ASE Low  (Adult Secondary Education / Adult High School)

Click here for a brochure with more information:   Career-Focused Classes 

Contact: Sue O’Neill (919) 334-1516 or Wendy Elston Davis (919) 334-1506

*tuition assistance may be available for those with a social security number

13 thoughts on “Career-Focused Classes: Hospitality/Auto/Welding/Medical

  1. Hafida, if you would like to take the hospitality class, please call Sue O’Neill (919) 334-1516 or Wendy Elston Davis (919) 334-1506. They can give you all the details. You can also email Sue at: Good luck!

  2. Thank you for your question, Jilly. You can get more information about the class from Sue O’Neill at (919) 334-1516.

  3. i am a ESL student i highly recommend the hospitality class to those who want start a quick career, even before finish the course most student have a job.. xD really good.

  4. I was submit to welding practical course in last year. And currently i worked in a company that i liked. The teachers at ESL very enthusiastic and professional, I had a memorable day here. I recommend you submit to this school.

  5. Thank you for your comment. We are so glad that you enjoyed the ESL “Welding Practical” course and that it was useful for you. Congratulations on your job! – the Wake Tech ESL team

  6. The welding practical classes are being offered in the spring semester, 2016. Please contact Sue O’Neill for additional information: Sue O’Neill, Transitions Coordinator, at 919-334-1516 or

  7. Oh I think it will be a great course. I am very much interested about this. If manage my time i will do it as early as possible.

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