Add-On Classes at the BEC

The Beltline Education Center (BEC) has introduced additional “Add-On Classes” for students already enrolled in a regular ESL class at WTCC.   The add-on classes offer students the chance to work on a targeted  skill area.

Please check the Registration page for specific semester dates and  registration information .

AFTERNOON CLASSES –   Meet Monday –  Wednesday, 12:30-3:30 pm


  • Written and Oral Communication – in Room 342C
    • This class focuses on writing and conversation skills, including the following:
       How to write simple, compound, and complex sentences
       How to write a basic paragraph
       How to write an effective email
       How to write a letter
       How to initiate small talk
       Spontaneous conversations
       Accepting & declining requests
       Expressing opinions
  • For more information, call 919-334-1501 ESL Help Desk or contact Megan Heard,