Still More Verb Tenses

Remember we have seventeen (17) verb tenses in English. This week we are looking at the next group called the future tense.

Tense Sample sentences When do I use it? Level
Future Simple Affirmative: He will speak.
Negative:  He will not speak.
Question: Will he speak?
  • When the action is in the future that cannot be changed
  • A spontaneous decision
Future Simple(going to) Affirmative: He is going to speak.
Negative:  He is not going to speak.
Question: Is he going to speak?
  • If a decision is made for the future
Future I Progressive Affirmative: He will be speaking.
Negative:  He will not be speaking.
Question: Will he be speaking?
  • An action that is going on at a certain time in the future
  • An action that is sure to happen in the near future
Future II Simple Affirmative: He will have spoken.
Negative:  He will not have spoken
Question: Will he have spoken?
  • An action that will be finished at a certain time in the future
Future II Progressive Affirmative: He will have been speaking.
Negative:  He will not have been speaking.
Question: Will he have been speaking?
  • An action taking place before a certain time in the future
  • In order to put emphasis on the course of an action


One thought on “Still More Verb Tenses

  1. Wow, very good. Future tense is one of the most difficult tenses for Portuguese speakers that are trying to learn English, because is too different the way english people write to the way we write.

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