Verbs – raise/rise sit/set lie/lay

Verbs Р  raise/rise sit/set lie/lay

Let us first look at the meaning of each verb and their simple present and past tense forms.

raise to lift to a higher position or level.

to grow or care for from birth

Raise your hands above your head.

The farmer raises chicken on his farm

I raise
you raise
he/she/it raises
we raise
they raise
raising raised
rise to go up /to stand up The students rise from their seats to say hello. I rise
you rise
he/she/it rises
we rise
they rise
rising rose
sit to put/rest your bottom/buttocks  on a hard surface Leonor sits next to Jacqueline. I sit
you sit
he/she/it sit
we sit
they sit
sitting sat
set to put something down Bawi set the books on the desk. I set
you set
he/she/it set
we set
they set
setting set
lie direction or position.

to lie down,to rest



tell a lie ==> not the truth

Tennessee lies to the West of North Carolina.

I don’t feel well.I need to lie down.


Do women in your country lie about their age?

I lie
you lie
he/she/it lie
we lie
they lie
lying laylied
lay to put something down Charles lays the flag on top of the grave. laying laid

Here are some examples of each:



  1. The school raises the US flag every morning.
  2. The students raised their hands to ask a question.
  1. The soldiers rise at 4.a.m. every day.
  2. Last summer, Sam rose at 9 in the morning.



  1. Lina sits in front of Rosa.
  2. Last week, Ramata sat behind Jean.
  1. Jane sets the drink on her desk, every night.
  2. Last night, Leonor set the drink on the floor.



  1. Yesterday, the dog lay on the sofa.
  2. The nearest beach lies 1 1/2 hours away.
  1. My, husband usually lays his keys on the counter.
  2. Yesterday, he laid them on the refrigerator.

Fill in the blank with the correct form of: raise or rise, sit or set, lie or lay.


  1. Lisa’s cats ______________on her bed every night .
  2. Where did you ____________ my keys?


(lay, laid)

  1. Yesterday, the children ________ in the grass enjoying the sunshine.
  2. Last Thursday, the students __________ their homework on the teacher’s desk.


(lying, laying)

  1. The soccer players are ____________ down on the soccer field because they are very tired.
  2. The baseball players are ______________ down their bats because they are protesting.


(sitting, sat)  

  1. Yesterday, Bassem _______________ next to Younus.
  2. Today he is _____________________ next to Ceila.


(set, sits)

  1. The old man _____________ on the swing, listening to the birds.
  2. She ________________ the drinks on the table for the customers.


(rises, raising)

  1. She is __________________ her children with strong values.
  2. The sun __________________ at 6 a.m.


(rose, raised)

  1. When the Pope walked by, the Catholics _________________ to their feet.
  2. The Thanksgiving Turkey was _____________ on a farm in North Carolina.



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