Learning about Computers

This page if for YOU if you are just starting to use a computer, laptop or tablet and are a bit scared or confused by it.  Maybe you know a little but want to find out more or improve some of your skills (like typing). This should help you too.

*  denotes websites recommended by Wake Tech Teachers

Starting with the Basics

  • Computer English  – slideshow  teaching vocabulary for computer related items
  • GCF Computer Basics   – Main page to MANY modules on understanding devices and how to use them
  • Basic Computer Skills – Tutorial that takes you step by step though the basics
  • Beginner’s Guide –  Starting from how to switch on a computer, this PDF guide walks you through how to use your computer , search the internet and  use email
  • Computer Literacy – Reviews basic computer, word processing, internet and email skills. Has practice exercises and a quiz too
  • English For Everyone – Computer Fundamentals  – Scroll down and you will see a series of worksheets to help you with computers, applications and the Internet

Mouse Skills

Keyboard Information

Typing Skills


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