Wake Tech ESL Curriculum & Lesson Plans

We are proud to announce that our entire Wake Tech ESL Curriculum, Levels 1-6, is now available here on the ESL Teachers’ Blog. A huge “thank you” goes out to all the members of the ESL curriculum team, particularly Kim Saunders, for the enormous amount of time and effort that they have spent on this project over the last two years —  and especially to Carrie Cargile, who created all of the Level 4,5,6 lesson plans and initial curriculum for these three levels.

We welcome helpful feedback on this curriculum and the accompanying lesson plans. To leave a comment, idea, question, or suggestion, click on “Leave a comment“. Please reference the specific level, module/unit, strand and lesson plan, if applicable.

To access the entire curriculum, click on “Wake Tech ESL Curriculum” in the blue menu bar, above — or on the specific level, to the right.

2 thoughts on “Wake Tech ESL Curriculum & Lesson Plans

  1. Level 4, Unit 10 Interviewing lesson references “Going to an Interview” in the second practice section of the lesson plan. However, the handout is not included and there is no source noted. Please provide the article.

    1. Susan, thank you for letting us know. The article “Going to an Interview” was no longer available. It has been replaced with “25 Qualities Interviewers Look For.”

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