New Writing Section on English Blog

A recent professional development seminar stressed the importance of writing in  our classes. Please check out our newest section of links  “Writing” on the right hand side of the English blog. There are some great links you can use in your classroom. Of special note

  • Writing Den Tips – describes  sentence, paragraph and essay structures.
  • LEO Writing Aids – numerous entries on common writing questions or problems. Be sure to take a look at “My native language is not English”.
  • Grammar and Writing –  navigate through the various sections for some good tips. Be sure to look at the PowerPoint presentations ; they may be useful to present a specific writing grammar point.
  • Resume Generator -a way to give students a starting point in creating a resume.

If you have a writing website you particularly like, please write a comment and let me know. 



Ideas for Weather Lessons


Teachers!  If you need some ideas for weather lessons be sure to check out the resources in the English Blog. There are videos showing sample weather forecasts, online games students can use to practice weather vocabulary, and interesting videos to introduce weather terms.  

Read this post on the English blog for directions on how to those activities. You can also use that post to guide students to the activity you want to use.


Convocation 2017

During our fall Convocation, Ellen Overington and Edith Cowper gave an interesting presentation of the importance of writing in our classes. They discussed that surveys indicated that writing is underutilized and is an area that teachers could focus more on.. 

Please take a look at their presentation here:   Ready to Write