The world works together to help those in need….

We have all been saddened to learn of the devastation caused by that massive earthquake in Haiti. If you’d like to help the survivors of that quake,  the American Red Cross says the greatest need right now is money to help with rescue, recovery and rebuilding. You can make a donation by visiting www.trianglearc.org or calling 1-800-Red-Cross. The Salvation Army is also collecting donations in person at 215 S. Person Street in Raleigh.

A number of churches and charities are also gathering donations to help those affected by the quake in Haiti.  State Attorney General Roy Cooper is warning people to avoid scams by making sure your donations go to legitimate charities. You are encouraged to check with the Better Business Bureau before donating to any charity.

(This was a message from the President of WTCC, Stephen Scott)

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  1. Last saturday was very special to me because.I went to visit my family in Fuquay Varina.First,I ate chicken with rice and soft drinks Next,I played soccer and watched T.V. Finally, I came back home and went to sleep.

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