How to Sign a Card

We continue our topic “How to Sign a Card” and today we will focus on thank you cards.

It’s a wonderful American tradition to give someone a thank you card to show your appreciation of someone’s gift, time, or help. Write from your heart and your “thank you” will be appreciated.

Part 1. From Student to Teacher
Dear Mrs. Gale:

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class this year. I know it’s not easy to teach people who don’t speak much English but you managed to keep us all interested and we always had fun. I wish all my teachers were like you. Thanks a lot!


Dear Ms. Sylvia:

Thank you for all your hard work this semester. I love our ESL school thanks to you.
You’re doing a fantastic job!

Dear Andrea,

Thank you for teaching a great class this semester. I learned a lot and know you helped prepare me for the next level. Thanks for always being patient and in a good mood. I always looked forward to your class.

Best wishes for a great summer!

Dear Ms. Jill:

I hope you know how much I’ll miss you! I really loved your class and know I learned a ton.
Thank you!!


Dear Ms. Robin,
Thank you very much for being my wonderful teacher this semester. I couldn’t wish for a better teacher.
You’re the best!
Thank you very much.

Dear Mr. Gary:
We are very lucky to have you in our school. We hope you know how much we appreciate your hard work!
Best wishes from us all.
Level 3 Students.

to be continued