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Idioms with Comparisons

As blind as a bat: to have very bad eyesight. You can’t read this? You’re as blind as a bat!

As cool as a cucumber: calm and not at all nervous. The result of the negotiation depended on this meeting, but Bob was as cool as a cucumber.

As easy as pie: very easy. I’m sure I did well on the test; it was as easy as pie!

As fit as a fiddle: in good physical condition. She goes to Pilates classes and runs for an hour every day. She’s as fit as a fiddle.

As free as a bird: feeling free, with no cares or worries. I remember how I felt the first day of summer vacation. I was as free as a bird.

As happy as a clam: very happy and content. I was as happy as a clam living in Hawaii; the beaches were beautiful, I played lots of outdoor sports, and the people were so nice.

As hard as nails: very tough and cruel. As a supervisor, Tom was as hard as nails; nobody wanted to work with him.

As pleased as punch: to be very happy with something. The design she had worked on for a week was finished and looking great. She was as pleased as punch.

As quiet as a mouse: very quiet. Sarah got home at 3 am and didn’t want to wake up her parents, so naturally, she was as quiet as a mouse going up the stairs.

As sick as a dog: very sick. Alice went home early from school because she felt as sick as a dog. She had a fever and felt very, very weak.

As sly as a fox: very clever and smart. She was able to take advantage of a very negative situation. That’s because she’s as sly as a fox.

As stubborn as a mule: to be very determined not to change an opinion or decision. She’s as stubborn as a mule, particularly when she’s sick. There is no way to convince her to consult a doctor.

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