Read to Your Children: Robert Munsch

Reading to your children is one of the most pleasant exercises you can do to improve your English. Today I would like to introduce you to an amazing Canadian kids author (loved by American children, too!) Robert Munsch. His stories are hilarious and educational at the same time. You can get his books at any local library or bookstore. The best part for an ESL student: he recorded his stories and posted them on his webpage. You can practice your listening skills, pronunciation, grammar, and reading at the same time. And you can also help your children write him a letter and practice writing skills! Your children wouldn’t even know that you are doing exercises.
Robert Munsch official webpage
Listen to his books (pick a book on the left and drag it into “listen” position).
Don’t forget to write which book you and your child/children liked the best. My absolute favorite is Stephanie’s Ponytail. Can’t wait to hear if you liked Robert Munsch. Post a comment:)

3 thoughts on “Read to Your Children: Robert Munsch

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  2. He’s got a super-cute website! I love his style, and little behind-the-scenes stories. Thanks for sharing. Jade

  3. Reading to your children is so, so important and crucial to a child’s development and wellbeing. I found this site, which has hundreds of age-appropriate books for children, split into easy to follow grade level reading lists. There’s a really good mix of classics and new fiction and chapter books.

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