Haunted House by Runke, L5/6 ESL Student

Directions:  Write a scary story about spending the night in this haunted house on Halloween.  What do you see?  What do you hear?  What happens?  How do you feel?  What do you do?

I did not know why I made a bet with my friends whether I could stay in the haunted house or not, so I needed to spend the whole night on sleeping inside. I was so scared that I had never been to the haunted before. If I did not go to the haunted house , I would lose $100 to my friend. Although I did not believe there are ghosts in the world , I was afraid that I would sleep inside alone.
The wind blew stronger and stronger, the moon was covered by the heavy cloud. I  saw the house was dark inside. I opened the door, walked into the house and wanted to turn on the lights. Suddenly, the door closed itself. Though the moonlight , ash covered the old furniture and I found an old clock still worked. Few minutes later , I walked throughout the house and there is nothing but a lot of wastes in the house. It was silent now, and I could not imagine that how I could stayed in here the whole night. Then I wanted to clean the floor so that I could sleep on the floor. I walk into the kitchen and turned on the tap in order to wet the cloth but I found it ran out something liked blood instead of the water! I want to leave now! But I was cared about $100 more than the thing that I was doing now. I made up my mind that I must insist until tomorrow morning . I cleaned the floor with closed my eyes, then I laid down the floor and tried to not think about anything but sleeping. However , I heard someone walking in the upstairs. Should I go and have a look? I thought. What’s more, I found someone whisper beside me. I could not open my eyes but I really wanted to see whether there was someone beside me or not. The wind blew the window and the window shoot a lot. It seemed something wanted to come in! I must stay in here until tomorrow! I told myself. Suddenly ,all the thing had gone ,the wind blew my skin, and heard the leaves shook. I was too scared to think about anything, then I lost my mind and did not know what else was going on.
I woke up and found it was morning and I was so surprised to see my surrounding. I saw I lay on the ruins ! there was no the haunted house !