Choose to do one or both activities. The writing can be done in class or as a follow-up homework assignment.

What is Veterans Day?

Go to the AEC-X blog and read the short paragraph about Veterans Day and then click on the link for Take a close look at the photos and read the captions from the Veterans’ Day Lesson (3 pages).

To commemorate Veterans Day this year, try one of these activities:

1) Do you know anyone who has served or is currently serving in the US military? Imagine what it is like to be a member of the US armed forces, especially those who are stationed abroad. What do you think their life is like? How would you feel? Would you be homesick? What if you had a Write a short note (or letter) of encouragement to a current service member of the US armed forces.

2) Talk to former or current active duty military personnel to learn about their experiences. First think of what you would like to ask them. Write up a list of questions. Afterwords, write up your notes as a short essay or in interview format.

We would like to thank Sheila and Anne T. for these activities.