For Instructors – Civics Opportunity

EL/Civics Projects 2010-2011: Online Lesson Plan

  • Create a lesson plan related to civics education. This includes topics on U.S. history, geography, culture, government, legal and political systems, or another approved, civics-related topic.
  • Test-drive your lesson plan with your class and make changes and improvements where needed. (You will need to document this. Details to come.)
  • Compensation: 5 hours of non-instructional pay
  • Lessons will be due on or before Friday, February 11, 2011 at 5pm. (You have over 2 months to complete the project.)
  • Only professional-looking, digital lessons will be accepted. (These can be sent by email or, if the file is too large, on a flash drive.)
  • Visuals make the lessons more attractive and interesting. Please include digital pictures or photos in your lesson. Very good quality scans of pictures will also be accepted.
  • The best of the lesson plans will be included in an Archive of Lesson Plans on the WTCC EL/Civics Central blog as a resource for all instructors.

Lesson Plan Format (At a minimum, lesson plans should include:)

1)      Warm-up or Introduction (e.g., a pre-reading/listening/speaking/writing activity)

2)      Activity (Reading, listening, speaking OR writing)

3)      Post-activity  (e.g., a post-reading/listening/speaking/writing activity or exercise)

4)      Grammar or Vocabulary activity/exercise– based on language in the Activity (#2 above)

5)      **visuals – digital photos, pictures, etc. (in electronic format)

Participants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested, please click the “comment” button below and include the following:

1)       Instructor’s name:

2)      Supervisor’s name:

3)      ESL Site:

4)      Level of Lesson Plan:

5)      Topic of Lesson Plan:

6) Your email address (No one will see this except for the Civics Project Manager and Civics Facilitators.)

Feel free to send any questions via the “comment” function below. You may also email Anne Tekmen with any questions. (Your supervisor and your EL/Civics Facilitator will have this email address.)

Please respond soon, as only 20 instructors will be able to participate.
Updated: your comments for this post will not be published on this site but will be forwarded to Anne Tekmen who will contact you after reading them.