The Lion King Broadway Musical Now on Durham Stage

More than 50 million people around the world have come to discover the thrill, the majesty, the truly one-of-a-kind musical that is THE LION KING. The critically acclaimed production has won audiences over with its powerful musical score, extraordinary costumes, and heartfelt story.

THE LION KING continues to amaze, with astounding visuals that will make this a show you’ll remember forever. Marvel at the breathtaking spectacle of animals brought to life by an enormous company of international performers, whose detailed costumes, carved masks, and intricate makeup will transport you to the gorgeous vistas of the African savanna.

Based on the 1994 Disney animated film, THE LION KING continues to reign as one of the most popular shows on Broadway and around the world. The global phenomenon is the winner of more than 70 major awards worldwide, including the Tony Award® for Best Musical, and the Grammy® for Best Musical Show Album.

You can experience THE LION KING in Durham. I’ve see this musical before and highly recommend it to all. It’s a true example of a good American Broadway Show.

Durham, NC
Durham Performing Arts Center
Jan. 04 – Jan. 30, 2011

By Phone: 800-745-3000 or
In Person: DPAC Ticket Center
123 Vivian Street, Durham
M– F, 10am-5pm, Sat, 10am-2pm
or all Ticketmaster Outlets.

6 thoughts on “The Lion King Broadway Musical Now on Durham Stage

  1. I didn’t know this event exist. Well, it was created to show the society how the Lion king play is showed on theaters. I am sure this show will entertain children as well as adults. Disney’s creation of the animated Lion king the movie was a sure fire hits in the 90’s I hope this play will also be a box office hit.

  2. I saw Lion King last week. The KING is still the surpeme of the JUNGLE!!! what a awesome cast of people who commanded so much from their parts and co-stars..

  3. Lion king is the BEST play int he whole entire world!!!! I love it and want to be in it. Dont insult the Lion King because I will just insult you! This is the best play ever and young Nala and young Simba are the best characters. I LOVE young Nala and I want to be young Nala! Im obsessed witht he Lion King and IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!

  4. Lion King is an Amazing Show great costumes, set, and song. I WILL SEE IT AGAIN

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