The Weekly Blog Round-Up

Week of 3/8/11-3/13/11

HUMC FREE Eye Vision Screening

ADHS FREE Eye Vision Screening

A Very Nice FREE Breakfast at the New Whole Foods!


This is your opportunity to be a hero for kids with cancer!

Leticia’s Smoothie Recipe

Reptile & Amphibian Day this Saturday (Free!)

HFC Lessons to learn from a King

Mardi Gras – “Let the Good Times Roll”

Foods That We Like

401N Days of the Week – Spelling Game

When You Were A Child, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

RCMC You Are the Sunshine Of My Life–Sing Along!

29th Annual Raleigh St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival

Change your clocks on Sunday

CHOC Wolfline Service During Spring Break

Articles: A, An, and The

AECX 30 Americans Opening At NC Museum of Art

Housing Lesson

Orchid Trail

Level 2’s Family Tree

Mardi Gras – March 8th

SAPC Community Garden Project for USCRI and International Women’s Day

Phonics Song

Reptile & Amphibian Day May 12

Farm Animal Days

Can you help me?

Where were you born?

Millpond Reptile & Amphibian Day on Saturday, March 12

Level 5 Presents Healthy Heart Expo!
Teacher Tommy Is Going to Shave His Head!

MLBK Transition students write poetry!


100 Anniversary of International Women’s Day
Trips: Level 4 students wrote letters about their trips around the world.
Daylight Saving Time

AEC “Fat Tuesday”
Civics Lessons Online!
Idiom Websites
Conversation Exchange: Monday, March 14th
Daylight Savings Time