Crossroads Cafe: Learn ESL from home!

   Crossroads Cafe Distance Learning: “Stand Alone” ESL program 
Students will:
  • Arrive on time for registration!
  • Take tests at registration – scores will determine participation
  • Watch ESL DVDs and do homework (at home) weekly
  • For 20 minutes each week, attend a private meeting with a teacher

Note: The Crossroads Cafe videos are no longer available for free online.

3 thoughts on “Crossroads Cafe: Learn ESL from home!

  1. hello
    later I didn’t find the video for crossroad cafe.
    I didn’t have a computer just a tablet .

  2. Hello Solaf,
    We have not been able to include the Crossroads Café videos here. Please contact your teacher to get the DVDs for the Crossroads videos.

  3. Go online. Google crossroads cafe online videos. You can watch them for free using youtube OR click on the site for Crossroads Cafe-Kentucky Educational Television.

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