Information about Continuing Education at Wake Tech

We hope that, as you learn English, you will consider taking classes in other subjects to prepare yourself for higher paying jobs and a better life.  Whether you are ready to take these classes very soon or much later, it is a good idea to search school websites to learn about your options.

At Wake Technical Community College, we offer a wide variety of academic and career readiness programs. Check our Highland (HUMC) blog for more posts about this in the future.  First, try to get familiar with the websites, and try to find information about affordable GED classes, associate degree programs, or certificate programs for jobs that interest you.

For more information about GED classes at Wake Technical Community College, click here.

If you are considering getting a 4-year degree, a masters degree, or a doctorate in the United States, two local public universities are North Carolina State University and the University of Chapel Hill. There are also many smaller universities in the area, such as Shaw and NC Central. For a list of public and private universities in Raleigh and Durham, see the VisitRaleigh website.

Thank you to Diana for this information. You can see her blog at HUMC. One of her most recent posts contains answers to student questions about the GED.