The Weekly Blog Round-Up


Adult Education Center (AEC)
Friday, March 2nd: Read Across America
February 29th? It’s Leap Day!
Animal Vocabulary
February is Black History Month
Mardi Gras!
“In Five Years” – photos added
No Classes Monday, Feb. 20th: Presidents’ Day
Happy Valentine’s Day!

AEC Annex (AECX)

International Women’s Day next Thursday 3/8/12
Tax advice + should/must practice!
Bon Voyage, Crystal!
New Unit in Carlos’s Class!
Numbers in Words (also for the lab!)
Presidential Facts and Video (for the lab!)
Weather delay on 2/20: AECX open at 10:00
President’s? Presidents? (Plural vs. Possessive “s”)
Wake Tech OPEN on Presidents’ Day, Monday 2/20/12
Marbles Museum $2 Tuesday on 2/21
Health Unit: Centers in Carlos’s Class

Athens Drive (ADHS)
Major League Soccer – Carolina Railhawks vs Vancouver Whitecaps
Talking About Our Friends
Native American Indian Art Show
Mardi Gras
Carolina Rollergirls
Common English Errors: I or me? She or her? They or them?

Brooks Ave Church of Christ (CHOC)
Spring is in the air
Mr. Boss and Gold ~A story by Kiwoong
Low-cost Doctor
Free Tax Preparation Help
Valentine’s Day

Fuquay-Varina United Methodist Church (FVUMC)
ESL Video Quiz: The Mystery of Pelicans
Are you married?
Free Tax Return Prep
Fuquay-Varina Museums Complex
Have or Has?
No Classes on Monday, 2/20 Due to Weather Conditions
L 5/6 and Presentations
Everyday Life Exercises
Writing Practice for Crossroads Cafe Students
Instructions: How to Leave a Comment

Garner United Methodist Church (GUMC)
“Get Well Soon” from Janet’s Students
Practice Writing Numbers in Words
Library Cards: How to Sign Up
Making Exact Change
Best wishes, Julia! (and hello from Emily!)
“Check” it out, Level 2/3!
Classes Canceled for 2/20/12
Will You Be My Valentine? Song
HRD Presentation
Highlands United Methodist Church (HUMC)
Annual Health Fair
Asking for a Job Application
Reminder For Students
Type the Months of the Year
No Class Tomorrow!!!
Contest Winners
Answer to Student Question about GED Classes
Level 1B Assignment
Information about Continuing Education
Hispanic Family Center (HFC)
Do – a great helper
We all learn about babies!
N.C. Saves campaign
Free Tax Help in Spanish
Reminder – No classes this Monday and Tuesday
Mardi Gras – February 21
Presidents’ Day – February 20

Millbrook HS (MLBK)
No classes this Thursday, March 1!
Level 6 students make a pre-Civil War video!
President’s Day is February 20, 2012!
February 14
February is Black History Month!

Northern Wake Campus (401N)
REMINDER: No Classes – MONDAY – March 5
Final Registration This Semester – Thursday – March 1st
Levels 1 & 2 – Reading
VENTURES practice
Fat Tuesday – Mardi Gras – IHOP
FOR LEVEL 5/6 – Active or Passive – what is the difference?
Can You Guess This Idiom?
Happy Valentine’s Day

Reedy Creek Middle School (RCMS)
Kite Festival, Bond Park
Booksale and Festival
Student work: Threats to Coral Reefs in the World’s Oceans
Comparatives and Superlatives
Reminder–No class 2/29 and 3/1
Purchasing Ventures
New Vocabulary
Free Event at NC Museum of Art
Class is OPEN
Articles: a, an, the
Happy Valentine’s Day

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church (SAPC)
Commenting On The Blog
VENTURES – Practice and Comment
President’s Day
Class Delay
Read A Play – Cookies
Reading – Valentine
Registration of New Students – Monday, March 5th

Western Wake Campus (Millpond)
Wake Tech Offers a Lot of Classes
Programs and Classes Offered in Cary
Foreign Diploma Evaluations
L 3/4 Listening Exercises
Listening: Personalities
Lena and Susana’s Level 3/4 Class and Their Poems
English (and French) Verbs in any Form of Conjugation
Modal Verbs May (Permission) and Can (Ability)
National Public Radio Podcast: Black Bears
Monday Classes Update
Advanced Conversation/Grammar Class Presentation
Yes, We Have Classes Next Monday and Tuesday
Another, The Other, The Others, Others
Prefer and Would Rather
Daily Pronunciation Practice
How to Leave a Comment on this Blog
Past Perfect