For Instructors: Thanks to all who attended Laurel Pollard’s workshops – and a note about Alta Book Center

Hello everyone,

I wanted to thank all of you (at Wake Tech, Durham Tech, Wake Literacy and beyond!) who were able to come to any of the four excellent workshops that Laurel Pollard held for us last week.  She was so pleased to be here and share her work with us, and you gave her such a warm welcome. Thank you! With any luck, we will have her back to present for us again some time.

On a final note, if anyone is interested in purchasing any of Laurel’s books or any other product (ESL books, Cathy’s Cards, etc.) from Alta Book Center, they are graciously offering to give us free shipping for the next two weeks (until about March 14).  If you weren’t able to get a catalog at the workshop, you may access it online at: When you order a book, please remind them that you were at our workshop and they will look up your name to check that you were one of the attendees.  (I want to note that Laurel was in no way pushing her books and that I have made this available to you myself, not because any suggestion of hers.)

Thanks again to all who were able to attend any of the workshops. I hope you enjoyed it and that it will be beneficial to your teaching and to your personal life, as well.

– Anne