ESL Blogs during the Summer Semester

Our blogs “take a break” from May – July each year, so we have fewer postings during the summer semester. We will always try to put up the most recent dates for registrations and class schedules.  Please check your ESL site’s blog for these dates. You can also leave a comment here on the Central Blog if you have a question during the summer.

Please use the summer time to go back and look at the wonderful posts from the past school year (2011-12). There are many great activities and links to help you practice your English, learn about American history and culture, and become familiar with what goes on in your community.

Remember that we have 13 blogs for 13 of our ESL locations throughout Wake County. We also have this “Central Blog”  which has the “Blog Round-Ups.”  The Round-Ups are like a table of contents that can help you find posts on the other blogs.  Please take a look at all 14 blogs They all have different things to offer you!

Have a wonderful summer semester!

– from the Wake Tech English Literacy & Civics team