Wake Tech’s AEC Proudly Introduces its “Safe Space” Page


www.freestock.ca; Attribution 2.0 Generic

We call the page “Safe Space,” which refers to the training program for educators who want to make LGBT students feel welcomed and accepted.  Although the Safe Space page will be especially interesting to LGBT students, all ESL students are invited to check it out (=look at it) and explore some of the informative and educational articles and stories.

For example, one of the links on the Safe Space page connects you to a list of almost 50 links to articles of interest to LGBT students and their friends and allies.  The articles are organized by topic and each one includes a brief description so readers can decide if the article sounds interesting enough to check out.

We would also like to invite students to submit their own website links of interest to the blog.  More information about this will be posted later.

Please click here to see the “Safe Space” Page.