Unemployed? Learn job skills with Wake Tech HRD classes.

Are you unemployed? Or “under-employed”?    Wake Tech HRD (Human Resources Development) classes can help you learn important job skills while you are looking for work.  These classes are aimed at native English speakers, but they will also be useful for advanced ESL students.

To see the most recent list of classes, go to the Wake Tech HRD website: hrd.waketech.edu 

If you are unemployed, or underemployed, you may be able to take certain Wake Tech classes at no cost.  The Human Resources Development (HRD) classes are fee-waived (FREE) for those who qualify.   **CALL or EMAIL them now if you want to attend one of their classes.

For more information visit hrd.waketech.edu   or call  919-532-5696 or hrdstudent@waketech.edu