Bitsboard – A Great IPad / IPhone App

Some ESL students have been using our newest set of tablets ( IPad minis) in their classrooms.  The set of IPads rotate through the Wake Tech sites and are in hot demand. Students enjoy using the apps on the IPads that help them with English vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening skills and so much more.  For some students, it is the first time they are using an tablet or computer of any type and at first they are a little scared.  Then they fall in love with the IPad and are swiping away like experts.  They can learn English at their own speed and it’s fun!

Today, I want to tell you about one of the most popular  apps on our IPads – Bitsboard.

Bitsboard, a free app that runs on an IPad, IPhone or IPod Touch, is a great tool to learn vocabulary starting from basic levels and working up to advanced vocabulary. It can also help you with phonics, word sounds, telling time and learning about money.   The “bits” of information you want to learn about are arranged on “boards” and you can group a set of boards together in a “collection”.   Examples of collections are “Emotions”, “Animal Planet”,  “First Sentences”, and   “English 101” .   Here

Bitsboard photo by M.Yanez

Bitsboard photo by M.Yanez

Here we see part of the “Emotions Collections” and you can select one or all of the boards to work with.

You can then choose  multiple ways to learn this vocabulary: flashcards with audio sounds, memory games, match ups. spelling games, bingo, word finders ,  unscrambles and many more.

Bitsboard photo by M.Yanez

Bitsboard photo by M.Yanez



The free app comes with a small subset of the available collections but you can get for free many other boards that other users have created and “shared” with the community.  If you like it and want more, you can pay to get  access to the premium collections /  boards.

Click on the Bitsboard site for more information  and at  ITunes to download the app


If you are using this app, please write a comment to tell us what you think about it and which are your favorite boards.

We are using other apps on our IPads…. check out the Tablets Page on  this blog for information on those apps.  Let us know what apps you are using on your tablet to learn English.