Internet Safety

The Internet is a wonderful tool and full of things that can help us.  At the same time, it is a window to the entire world and it can be dangerous too.  We hear the stories about credit card “hacking” (someone stealing information online”,  Craiglist crimes and many other scams.  What can we do to protect ourselves?

This link to the Federal Trade Com mission Computer Security Page has some good tips. Please look at the video on the site. It is easy to understand and it’s important to follow it’s suggestions.

This video is a little longer but also reminds us of basic computer safety

Now Internet security and safety are serious subjects but listening to this set of tips set to music at least makes us smile as we learn to be safe.


There are many, many tips on staying safe but let me repeat a few

  1. Never give out personal information on the Internet. Assume the info you give out is going to the WHOLE world because it really is.
  2. Create strong passwords and change them often.
  3. Be careful shopping online – Avoid giving out your credit card information whenever possible and use a known third party like PayPal for transactions.
  4. Pay attention to your children’s online activities
  5. Don’t believe everything you get in the mail or read online. There are many scams. Always contact a business directly when giving any account information and never in a link received in an email.