Hooking into the Internet

The Internet is a wonderful and powerful tool but it can be an expensive tool too depending on the price you pay to get internet access.  How can you get internet access at a low cost?

Here a few sites to help you :

  • Free WI-Fi hotspots  –  Use this “finder website” to locate free W-iFi hotspots in neighborhoods in Raleigh or other towns. Remember that libraries offer free wifi too.
  • Downtown Raleigh Free Wifi- Check out which parks and  sections in the center of the city have free Wi-Fi
  • Internet Service  Comparison – This site helps you shop and compare for internet service in your zip code area. Check out the other tabs for bundle comparison too.
  • ISP Providers in My Area – This site also offers comparisons and includes satellite providers

Another possibility is to share an internet connection (and costs) with a nearby neighbor.  With today’s wireless router or a wireless extender, you can often get a strong signal from a neighbor.  You may offer to split or share some of the cost to get access through their service.

Do you have a low cost internet solution?  Please share it with us in a comment.