Getting Basic Computer Skills

Our ESL students are often busy on gaining English skills to help with their daily life and to improve their work opportunities. But many of our students  also realize there is another key skill  they need  for our modern life and workplace – the ability to work with computers or mobile devices  and use the Internet. More and more employers are looking for people that have basic computer skills.

You want those skills but maybe you can’t attend a computer class.  How can you get them?  Here are a few ideas from our “Learning about Computers” page

Use the New User Tutorial  that is designed for someone who is new to computers.  Spend about 20 minutes and let it:

Screen Capture by M.Yanez

Screen Capture by M.Yanez

  • Introduce the mouse and the cursor
  • Show you how to position, hold and move the mouse
  • How to click
    • common problems with clicking
    • click and drag
    • right click
  • How to scroll using….
    • scroll bars
    • arrows keys
    • scroll box
    • scroll wheel on the mouse
  • How to enter information using
    • text Box
    • drop down menus
    • check boxes
    • radio buttons
  • Show you Popup windows
  • How to Open / Close applications

Ready for something a little more intensive?  Then try the  Computer Literacy link. It review key skills in these areas:

Screen Capture - M.Yanez

Screen Capture – M.Yanez

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Basic Word Processing Skills
  • Basic Internet Skills
  • Basic E-Mail Skills
  • Basic Computer Ethics

Then take the Computer Literacy Quiz and see how you score!



Finally, use the GCF link to bring you to sooooo many more tutorials … You can learn about

Screen capture by M.Yanez

Screen capture by M.Yanez

  • What is a computer?
  • Understanding Operating Systems
  • Understanding Applications
  • Understanding the Cloud
  • Basic parts of a computer
  • Laptops and Mobile Devices
  • Setting up  / Using a computer
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Computer Safety

Branch out to learn about Windows and OS X systems… That’s just a bit of what you can learn on this wonderful site.

Try these sites and you will increase your computer skills before you know it!