Welcome to Wake Tech’s ESL Blogs

From this “ESL Central” blog page, you can link to our other ESL blogs:  English LanguageCivics, Culture, & CommunityJob Skills & Opportunities, and Citizenship preparation classes.  The Teacher Resources blog includes our ESL curriculum, lesson plans, and other useful links for instructors.

At the top of this page, you’ll find information on our ESL classes, ESL sites (locations & registration dates), ESL Student Resources, and Computers and Technology. Other classes for ESL students, such as Citizenship, Career-Focused, and Beyond the Basics (“advanced ESL”) are listed on the right under ESL classes.  We hope you find these pages useful.   

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Wake Tech’s ESL Blogs

  1. As a local businessman in NC, I’m grateful for Wake Tech and the value you guys bring to the community, with the basic skills courses to bringing reading resources to ESL students, its helping people to help themselves and really bring value to the state of NC. Please keep up the good work. Thanks for keeping us updated. – Mark

  2. Hello, My name is eikaiwa.I like your blog very much because you have so many advice for people who want to master English like me. My dream is to become a high school English teacher in Japan one day.Thank you very much!

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