Answer to Our Guessing Game No.6

Guessing Game No. 6 is here.

Carolina and Irczech are our winners! Congratulations, ladies!

Yes! It is a butterfly egg on a Passiflora plant. To read more about it and see wonderful pictures of other butterfly eggs, go to the National Geographic site.

Irczech, thank you very much for sharing your personal story related to this picture. It must have been fascinating to see your grandfather at work. I’d love to read his book.

Answer to Our Guess Where? Post

Guess Where? post
Thank you very much to everyone who submitted answers to our Guess Where post. Unfortunately, nobody guessed this time.
Correct answer: Iceland.
These traditional Icelandic houses or turf huts were the residences of Icelanders into the mid 20th century.
I didn’t take the picture, it was found here and I would like to thank M.G.Richard for sharing his wonderful shot with the world.