Color Idioms

Color Idioms

1. Many people feared that the new millennium would cause black outs because of problems with electricity production. Black out: loss of electricity
2. What a beautiful car! I’m green with envy. Be green with envy: very, very jealous of another person’s property
3. Don’t rely on him under pressure in battle. He’s yellow. Be yellow: be a coward
4. There is so much red tape that needs to be completed before adopting a baby. Red tape: bureaucracy
5. Jack Thomas was put on Hollywood’s black list during the McArthy era. Black list: list of unwanted people
6. She was such a difficult child that her family always treated her like a black sheep. Black sheep: a minority in a small group, often considered “bad” by the majority of the group
7. Mr. Jackson is very important to the success of this program. Make sure to roll out the red carpet when he arrives. Roll out the red carpet: give the best treatment
8. We’re looking for a new home in the green belt. Green belt: the countryside around a city
9. It’s not quite as black and white as you think. Black and white: simple, clear and understandable
10. Try to cheer Susan up. She is feeling rather blue these days. Feel blue: depressed
11. I had to tell a white lie in order to get accepted into the program. White lie: small, insignificant lie
12. Jack gave me the green light on the project. Give the green light: approve a project or request
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Read to Your Children: Robert Munsch

Reading to your children is one of the most pleasant exercises you can do to improve your English. Today I would like to introduce you to an amazing Canadian kids author (loved by American children, too!) Robert Munsch. His stories are hilarious and educational at the same time. You can get his books at any local library or bookstore. The best part for an ESL student: he recorded his stories and posted them on his webpage. You can practice your listening skills, pronunciation, grammar, and reading at the same time. And you can also help your children write him a letter and practice writing skills! Your children wouldn’t even know that you are doing exercises.
Robert Munsch official webpage
Listen to his books (pick a book on the left and drag it into “listen” position).
Don’t forget to write which book you and your child/children liked the best. My absolute favorite is Stephanie’s Ponytail. Can’t wait to hear if you liked Robert Munsch. Post a comment:)

28+ ESL videos onto Youtube from Marissa

Wake Tech’s Instructor Marissa uploaded 28+ ESL videos onto Youtube.
You can watch them on a big screen by clicking on the big screen button right under the video.
Anyone interested can download these videos using the YouTube Downloader software.
This is a free and safe software from the following website:

If you want to access all of Marissa’s videos, just type “maschiffm” into the search box on YouTube.

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I am so excited that some of our ESL sites have student work on them!!!  Take the time to look at Athens Dr., 401 North Campus, SSC….there may be more so check them all out!  Great work students!

While you’re at it, here is a new website where you can play and learn ENGLISH, www.cambridge.ort/venturesarcade

Let me know how you like it!!!!  TAKE SOME TIME TO PRACTICE ENGLISH!!!