Student Stories

Talking about the LGBT topic in a school that has people from different cultures can be a big challenge, but I think that it’s necessary and very important to show that even with different cultures, races, opinions, and sexual orientations, everybody needs to respect each other. I am part of the LGBT community, and I am married to a wonderful guy. We have a simple life, and we are very happy together.  Our lives are ordinary like any other couple.

When I started to study at Wake Tech, I was really very worried thinking about how this new experience would be with so many different people from different cultures. Today, I realize that these people that have come to the U.S. arrive with a different attitude. Programs like SafeSpace are very important to open minds, including the minds of people in the society, and for creating a comfortable environment for everybody to learn not only a second language, but also how to live happily together respecting differences.

Pablo from Brazil




My Experience with  LGBT People

I am a married, middle-aged heterosexual woman . For many years I had held prejudices against LGBT people because I had never been exposed to them.

My English teacher changed that perspective and opened my mind. He is a very interesting person. He is a person of integrity, educated, and an excellent teacher. I really admire him.

Through him I have learned to look at LGBT people differently. I now know how much social stigma affects them. They have been receiving unfair treatment for a long time due to their sexual orientation, and it is so sad. It is wrong.

I now have a better understanding of the suffering of LGBT people, and I feel embarrassed by my previous position. I have learned that they can be wonderful people.

Thank you, Lynn. You have made me grow as a human being, and you have made me a better person.

Alicia from Colombia

Level 6 AEC