Around Raleigh

  • Are you new to Raleigh?
  • Do you get lost easily?
  • Do you want to learn more about the city and where things are?
  • Do you want to explore new areas?
  • Are you looking for a new house or apartment?
  • Do you want to find new restaurants?
  • Are you curious about Raleigh in general?

If you answered, “Yes!” to any of these questions, you should read our “Around Raleigh” posts. Each one will tell you about a different area of Raleigh.

  • NCSU Area – This is the area around NC State University
  • Downtown – Downtown is east of NCSU, south of Crabtree Valley Mall, and north of I-40.
  • Five Points – This area is north of downtown, but south of Crabtree Valley Mall.
  • Midtown – This is the area around Crabtree Valley Mall and North Hills Mall.


For Fun

The Triangle is one of the best places in the world for families and singles. It’s safe, and there are many things to do. Here are some things you can do with your friends and family in the Raleigh area:

Find inexpensive or free things to do at Triangle on the Cheap

Bus Information

Raleigh’s public transportation is not very good, but there are some places you simply must go, and sometimes the bus is the only way. As we add information to the blogs about the public bus system, we will link to those posts here.

2 thoughts on “Around Raleigh

  1. Hey all, I have been using downtown maps to teach the community lessons for awhile. I have noticed during Best + warmup questions that when students are asked “What do you like about living in Raleigh?” , they almost always answer “the trees” or “its green” “its pretty”, etc. This session I decided to show them the Raleigh Greenway trails online. They are free to access and a great way to get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery outdoors. Paper versions of the trail system map are also downtown at Parks, 6th floor municipal building, but the students can be shown to look for the free maps online. My level 2 class had quite a bit of interest in exploring and getting these maps!

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