February is Black American History Month

George Washington Carver made peanut butter popular!
(photo permission from flickr via cklucks800)

During the month of February, Americans celebrate and remember many black Americans who shaped American History.  There are many important Black Americans in our history. For example:

Martin Luther King fought for civil rights.

 Nat Turner, an enslaved African-American preacher, lead the most significant slave uprising in American history.

 Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery and becomes one of the most effective and celebrated leaders of the Underground Railroad.

Hiram Revels of Mississippi was elected the country’s first African-American senator.

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat at the front of the “colored section” of a bus to a white passenger (Dec.1).

President Barack Obama, Democrat from Chicago, became the first African American to be elected president.
(information from www.infoplease.com)

Another very famous black American was George Washington Carver.  He discovered three hundred uses for peanuts and hundreds more uses for soybeans, pecans and sweet potatoes.  George Washington Carver was born in Missouri at the end of the Civil War.  It was a very difficult time.  He was kidnapped as an infant, but reclaimed by Moses Carver, the man who owned the farm where George’s parents were slaves.  After the Civil War, George’s parents disappeared.  Moses Carver and his wife, Susan, reared George as his own.  While on the farm, George fell in love with nature and earned the nickname “The Plant Doctor”.

George went to school and became an agricultural chemist.  He developed better ways to farm and how to use certain crops for dyes or for other uses.  He is also very famous for making peanut butter a popluar product in the US!   As a result, Carver is responsible for making peanuts a significant crop in the Southern United States!

Click on the link below to watch a really interesting video on how you can make peanut butter.

How to make homemade peanut butter

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