Trick or Treat

Pumpkins are sitting on many porches, ghosts are hanging from trees, and people are starting to wear strange costumes . What is happening???  It’s that time of year – Halloween!

On October 31,  little witches and monsters walk the street. They knock on doors  saying “Trick or Treat”  – they are  asking for candy “treat” or they may play a “trick” on you

What is happening??? It’s the fall holiday of Halloween. It’s not a legal holiday and no one gets the day off.  It is a cultural holiday that some people enjoy. Children dress up in costumes, sometimes scary ones like a ghost or sometimes not so scary ones like a princess or action hero.  Often they wait until dark and then walk with their parents to neighbors home  or maybe to a mall or community center party where they can “Trick or Treat”  for small candies.

Not just children dress up. Many adults may put on a costume too and there are often costume parties around Halloween and prizes for the “best” or most original costume.

Learn more about Halloween in this El Civics lesson

Now here are a few videos on Halloween

Some words we use on Halloween

This practices asking someone what costume they will wear on Halloween

Now let this Halloween skeleton teach us a bit about our body

Now dance the Halloween night away with this popular song …. the “Monster Mash”



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