Luck of the Irish – St Patrick’s Day

Sunday, March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day which many people in the U.S. celebrate.  In 432,  St. Patrick came to Ireland as its bishop. He traveled all around Ireland converted its people to Christianity.  He is the patron saint of Ireland and in Ireland, March 17th is a religious holiday.

Here in America, there are many people have a family member that came from Ireland and they celebrate March 17th as a cultural holiday.

It’s  a day where Irish and non-Irish people can enjoy the food, music, dance and drinks from Ireland.  Everyone can be Irish for a day and people often wear something green on this day.  Symbols of the day are shamrocks (a green three-leaf clover) and leprechauns (tiny little men with magical powers). People can fun by:

  • dancing an  Irish jig (see below)
  • eating  a traditional meal like  Irish  lamb stew
  • singing a Irish ballad like O Danny Boy
  • raising a glass of traditional  Irish beer – Guinness

In many cities (like New York City), there are parades and special events that feature  Irish music and dance . 

Many shops and cafes prepare food that has a green color for the holiday – you see green pasta, green ice cream, green milkshakes and especially green beer.  Some traditional Irish food that people eat are corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread.

To learn more about the holiday  click here =>  El Civics lesson  and   here =>  History Video

Click on this St. Patrick’s Day Reading Lesson to learn even more about this holiday. After you read the story, be sure to click on the tabs above the story to

  • learn new words and then take a fun picture quiz
  • do a word search on your new words and then see if you can spell them correctly
  • fill in the missing words from a set of sentences (Gap- Fill) and practice your grammar by unscrambling sentences
  • practice your preposition of location by find a leprechaun,

Have fun and the “luck of the Irish” to you!


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