Around Raleigh: NCSU Area

If you’re looking for a place to live or something fun to do on the weekend, it’s good to know the names of the different areas of Raleigh and Cary. Over the next few months, we will look at several different areas and all the things you can do there. We will start with the NC State University area. Here’s a map of the area. The Brooks Avenue Church of Christ is marked with “A,” and if you click on the map, you will go to an interactive version where you can see more:

image by Google maps and instructor ecparent

image by Google maps and instructor ecparent

Here are some important things to see on the map.

Major roads:

  • Hillsborough Street – There are many stores and restaurants on Hillsborough St. You have to pay to park there, though, so be careful not to get a parking ticket.
  • Western Boulevard – The part of Western Blvd. that you can see on this map is mostly just for driving. However, if you go west on Western, there are a lot of fast food restaurants. There is also a Food Lion supermarket.
  • Gorman Street – Most of Gorman St. is residential. That means that there are houses and apartments.
  • Oberlin Road – Oberlin Rd. has both businesses and homes. If you go north on Oberlin, you can get to Wade Avenue and Glenwood Avenue.

photo by ecparent1. Raleigh Little Theater – RLT is a local theater company. You can go there to see a show, attend an event, take a class, volunteer, or visit the rose garden, which is beautiful in the summer.

2. Cameron Village – Cameron Village has a lot of great stores and restaurants. There is also a post office (on Oberlin Rd.) and a really great public library (on Clark Ave.).

3. Pullen Park – Pullen Park was the first public park in NC. It has a swimming pool, tennis courts, picnic shelters, a playground, a carousel, and lots of other fun things for your family.

Your Turn

What are your favorite things to do in this area? Leave a comment with the names of your favorite stores and restaurants near NCSU.