April Fool!

When April begins, you may hear “April Fool” a lot and not know what or who to believe since some folks may play tricks on you.  You may ask  what is happening????

The first day of April is called April Fool’s Day and is a day to play jokes.   On April Fool’s Day, people tell lies to fool other people and play  harmless tricks. If someone believes the lie or  trick,  the joker will say “April Fool” and everyone will laugh.  A fool is someone who is silly and easily believes things that are not true. If you “are fooled”, you believe something is true when it’s not.

No one is sure how April Fool’s Day began.  People have been silly in spring for a very long time!

Here is a  video explaining April Fool’s and using expressions like “I’m kidding!! that we use all the time but especially on April Fool’s day  => April Fool’s Day Mini Lesson

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