Around Raleigh: Five Points

So far, we’ve looked at two areas of Raleigh: the NCSU area and the downtown area. This week we’re going to look at a much smaller area. It’s mostly residential (houses and apartments), but there are a few interesting things there. Also, when people talk about places in Raleigh, they might say, “It’s near Five Points.” If you hear the name of that area – Five Points –you will understand much better if you know where it is.

The area called Five Points is on Glenwood Avenue, north of downtown, but south of I-440 and Crabtree Valley Mall. It is a historic area of Raleigh, built in the 1920s. It is called Five Points because the streets go in 5 different directions from one intersection. You will know you’re there if you come to a very confusing intersection with an enormous church.

image by Google maps and instructor ecparent

image by Google maps and instructor ecparent

The 5 points are:

  1. The 1st point is Glenwood Avenue (US 70) north. On the map, you can see Lilly’s Pizza on Glenwood Ave. If you haven’t tried Lilly’s yet, now is the time. Go on a beautiful day, and sit outside. If the bank next-door is closed, you can park there. If the bank is open, you can’t park there; you will have to park on the street. Do you like coffee, tea, sandwiches, or baked desserts? Next to Lilly’s you will find a coffee shop called The Third Place. It’s a great place to go and chat with your friends after class! If you continue north on Glenwood, you will come to I-440 and then Crabtree Valley Mall.
  2. The 2nd point is Whitaker Mill Road. It is a residential street (people live there), but if you keep going, Whitaker Mill Rd. will take you to Wake Forest Rd. and Atlantic Ave.
  3. The 3rd point is Fairview Rd. In this direction it is all residential, but you might find a place to park there if you are going to the Rialto to see a movie.
  4. The 4th point is Glenwood Avenue (US 70) south. On the map, you can see The Rialto Theater. The Rialto was built in 1942. You can go there to see foreign and independent films. They only accept cash, though (no credit cards), so if you go, be prepared. If you continue south on Glenwood, you will cross over Wade Avenue, and then you will come to Fred Fletcher Park. It is a lovely park with a playground, tennis courts, picnic areas, and gardens (all free). In the summer, Fletcher Park sometimes has concerts and other free events.
  5. The 5th point is also Fairview Rd., but the first block in this direction has some good things for you to see. The Hayes Barton Pharmacy has been in business for over 75 years. But more importantly, behind it is the Hayes Barton Cafe, where you can have a delicious dinner and a piece of cake that is bigger than your head. Also on Fairview, you can find several antiques stores, a post office, a yoga studio, and NOFO at the Pig. NOFO is a restaurant and shop. The building used to be a Piggly Wiggly grocery store, but after the store closed, the building was changed, and NOFO moved in. The food is delicious, and the shop is very interesting. You don’t have to eat in the restaurant to go in the shop.