Get Ready for Mother’s Day

Every year in America we honor mothers on the second Sunday of May. Not every country celebrates it on the same day (i.e. Mexico celebrates it on May 10) but many countries have a similar holiday. Across the world it is a day that we want to make Moms feel special and let them know how much they are loved and appreciated.

On Mother’s Day, we usually send or give our mothers cards, flowers and other gifts. Often, family members will prepare breakfast for “Mum” so she can stay in bed a little longer. Restaurants are VERY busy that day as families treat their mothers to a delicious lunch or dinner.

However you celebrate, be sure to let your mother that how much you love her. It will be better than any other gift you can give her. If your mother is no longer living, take a moment and remember the many memories you have of her. Perhaps do something that she taught or shared with you ( like making her recipe for a favorite dish) and keep her with you forever.

For more information on this holiday, click on the EL Civics’s Lesson.

Perhaps these videos can help you celebrate Mother’s Day:

Here are the lyrics to the last video:

Mother’s Day Song

Mommy, mommy
I love you mommy
This is your special day
Flowers and presents
And breakfast in bed
Whatever you wish for
I’ll give you instead

Mommy, mommy
I love you mommy
No chores for you today
Bear hugs and kisses
To show how I feel
I love you mommy dear

Baking, cooking
Washing and working
Making our house a home
Always helping
Care for my well being
I never feel alone

Mommy, mommy
I love you mommy
In all your special ways
So on every second
Sunday in May
We’ll celebrate
Mother’s Day
Mommy I love you
You know we love you so!
Mommy I love you so


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