Memorial Day

Next Monday, May 26, is a national holiday called Memorial Day.  It is always celebrated on the last Monday in May.   On this day, we remember the soldiers and  Americans who have died while  serving in the Armed Forces .  We remember them in many ways:

  • Many towns have parades with bands playing marching music. Soldiers and veterans march in these parades.
  • People visit cemeteries  and put flowers and flags on the graves of fallen soldiers.
  • The American flag is flown at half- mast ( mid way on the flag pole) until noon.
  • The National Memorial Day Concert takes place on the west lawn of the United States Capitol and is televised to the nation.

Learn more about this holiday and practice the vocabulary used to describe this holiday at this site => ESOL Courses – Memorial Day    and at the El Civics  site.

This video from the History Channel tells us how Memorial Day became a national holiday

and this video wordlessly makes us realize the tremendous sacrifice that our military service people and their families have made for America.


Is there a special day, like Memorial Day , in your country to remember the soldiers who have died?  What are the customs in your country to honor them?


On a lighter note, Memorial Day creates a three-day weekend for many people and marks the unofficial start of summer. Many beaches and parks open up for the summer on Memorial Day week-end.

What will you do on Memorial Day?


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