Learn about Holidays

As we learn about the calendar,  we also learn about holidays. Holidays are  days that we celebrate or honor a special event or person.

  • Some holidays are religious like Christmas or Easter.
  • Some holidays celebrate historic figures like President’s day (George Washington, Abraham Lincoln) , Martin Luther King Day or Columbus Day
  • Some celebrate a historic event like the 4th of July (America’s Independence Day) and Thanksgiving
  • On some holidays we honor and remember groups of people like Memorial Day (America’s soldiers), Labor Day (workers) or  Mother’s and Father’s Days.
  • Some holidays remind us of the nations that Americans came from (St Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo)
  • Some holidays are just plain fun (St Valentine’s day, Mardi Gras,  Halloween, New Year’s Eve).

We don’t always have a day off for a holiday but on federal holidays, banks and most government offices are closed.

Here is a short video that goes over the major U.S. holidays

Write a comment and tell us about your favorite holiday and why you like it so much.

3 thoughts on “Learn about Holidays

  1. I love Christmas because the holiday is very long. I can have a travel with my family and have a rest enough. Even though I have to give some present to someone(my children, my family and friends), I can have some special present from someone. I am happy.

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