It’s Valentine’s Day!

Oh students, this week I have something WONDERFUL for you! It’s a vocabulary and pronunciation lesson about Valentine’s Day, which is on February 14. At the end of this post, you will find a video. The video is a rap song about Valentine’s Day. You can listen to it while you read the words. Then you can practice with the music at the end of the video. Before you watch, though, there are some words you will need to know.

  • sweetie pie – a person you love
    Example: My sweetie pie gave me flowers for Valentine’s Day! He’s so sweet!
  • honey – a person you love
    Example: I’m going out of town with my honey for Valentine’s Day.
  • gal – girl
    Example: Did you see the beautiful gal I took to the party?
  • guy – boy
    Example: Did you see the weird guy at the party who wouldn’t leave me alone?
  • the apple of your eye – the most important person in your life
    Example: Lauren’s son is the apple of her eye. She loves him more than anything else in the world.
  • main squeeze – the person with whom you are in a romantic relationship
    Example: Angelina is Brad’s main squeeze.
  • soulmate – the perfect person for you
    Example: When Andy met his wife, he knew that she was his soulmate.
  • a good catch – a good person to be in a relationship with
    Example: My husband brings me flowers every week and tells me I’m beautiful every day. He’s a really good catch!
  • chemistry – strong feelings people have for each other when they get along very well
    Example: Kelly thought that she would like Eric a lot because they had many similar interests, but when they met for dinner, she discovered that they didn’t have any chemistry.
  • catch a movie – see a movie in a theater
    Example: Are you busy this weekend? Maybe we can catch a movie on Saturday.
  • matinee – an afternoon show or performance (before 5:00 p.m.)
    Example: I’m busy on Saturday night, but we could catch a matinee.
  • to have a crush on someone – to have a romantic interest in someone
    Example: Katie has a crush on Jason, but Jason is interested in someone else.
  • to ask someone out – to ask someone if they want to go on a date
    Example: Jason is going to ask Phoebe out.
  • to play hard to get – to pretend you are not interested in someone when they ask you out
    Example: When Jason asked Phoebe out, she played hard to get because she wants him to work harder to get her.
  • to turn someone off – to make someone uninterested in you
    Example: Phoebe’s love games turned Jason off, so he asked Katie out, and she agreed immediately.
  • to turn someone down – to refuse someone / to tell someone “no”
    Example: Phoebe asked Jason out, but he turned her down because he was dating Katie.

Now you’re ready! Watch the video as many times as you want. Practice with the rapper, and then try it on your own. Have fun, and happy Valentine’s Day!