Fun Facts about North Carolina – Beginner

NC Flag

By Dave Johnston ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

With a partner, practice asking and answering these questions about North Carolina. For each one, “Q” means question, and “A” means answer. Take turns asking and answering the questions. When you see “NC,” you should say “North Carolina.” We write NC because it’s shorter, but we usually say the whole name of the state.

  1. Q: Who is the governor of NC?
    A: Pat McCrory is the governor of NC.
  2. Q: What is the capital of NC?
    A: Raleigh is the capital of NC.
  3. Q: What is the largest city in NC?
    A: Charlotte is the largest city in NC.
  4. Q: When did NC become a state?
    A: NC became a state in 1789.
  5. Q: What is NC’s state flower?
    A: NC’s state flower is the dogwood.
  6. Q: Which famous basketball player went to the University of NC at Chapel Hill?
    A: Michael Jordan went to UNC Chapel Hill.
  7. Q: How many counties are there in NC?
    A: There are 100 counties in NC.
  8. Q: What is the tallest mountain in the eastern United States?
    A: Mount Mitchell, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC, is the highest mountain in the eastern United States.
  9. Q: What are people from NC called?
    A: People from NC are called North Carolinians.
  10. Q: Which states border (touch on one side) NC?
    A: Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina all border NC.