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Every community has places to shop, relax, and play. This week, we’re going to talk about places where we buy things.

Shopping Malls

photo by WTCC instructor ecparent

photo by WTCC instructor ecparent

A shopping mall (or just “mall”) is a large building with many stores inside. There are several malls in Wake County. In Raleigh, you can go to Crabtree Valley Mall (in midtown) or Triangle Town Center (in north Raleigh). In Cary, you can go to Cary Towne Center.

Malls usually have all kinds of stores as well as a food court (an area with many fast food restaurants and tables for eating). American malls usually do not include large stores like Target or Wal-Mart. They also do not usually have a grocery store.

Shopping Centers

A shopping center is a very big area with many stores, but they are not all inside one building. Shopping centers usually have more than one parking lot, and they often have “big-box stores” (stores that are shaped like very big boxes – Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Toys ‘R Us, etc.), which malls usually do not have. Many shopping centers also have a movie theater. Crossroads Plaza in Cary, North Hills in Raleigh, Brier Creek Commons in Raleigh, and Park West Village in Morrisville are all shopping centers.

Strip Malls

photo by WTCC instructor ecparent

photo by WTCC instructor ecparent

A strip mall is a group of stores in a row (line, strip) with one large parking lot for all of them. A strip mall is similar to a shopping center, but it is much smaller. You can see strip malls EVERYWHERE in Wake County. There are hundreds of them. They often have a grocery store, a nail or hair salon, a small clothing store, a couple of restaurants, and several other small businesses.

Where can I find…?

This chart shows you some of the things you can and cannot find in each type of shopping place. When the chart says “yes,” that means you can usually find that type of business there. When it says “no,” that means you probably cannot find that kind of business. Of course, anything is possible, but this chart gives general rules.

image by WTCC instructor ecparent

image by WTCC instructor ecparent

Your Turn

The next time you visit a shopping mall, shopping center, or strip mall, look for the kinds of businesses on the chart. Did you find them? Was the chart correct?

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