Raleigh Easter 2016

Easter Egg Hunt

photo credit: IMG_3276 via photopin (license)

Easter is coming soon, and you may want to find some fun activities to do with your family. I’m going to tell you about one activity your whole family will enjoy – Raleigh Easter.

Raleigh Easter is an annual (every year) event in downtown Raleigh. It is the largest Easter event in the city. The city of Raleigh has small events in various parks, but if you want to see a bigger event, you should check out Raleigh Easter.

What can my family do at Raleigh Easter?

Raleigh Easter has many fun activities for children. They can jump in an inflatable (filled with air) bounce house, they can play games, they can get free balloons, and they can find Easter eggs with toys and candy inside. There will be 7 different times for egg hunts and 60,000 eggs to find!

I’m worried that my young children will get hurt by older children.

Don’t worry. Raleigh Easter has special times for young children to find eggs without older children around. Your little ones should be very safe.

How much does it cost to participate?

Raleigh Easter is FREE! When you arrive, you must go to the registration table to get a wristband (a plastic bracelet like you get at a concert or the hospital). The wristband will help the volunteers to know your child’s age so that he/she is in the right egg hunt group.

When and where is Raleigh Easter?

This year, Raleigh Easter will be on March 26 at Halifax Mall in downtown Raleigh. Halifax Mall is located at 423 N Wilmington St. The first egg hunt starts at 10:00 a.m., but go early to register and play!