ESL & CCR classes

This page gives an overview of classes that ESL students may be interested in, both ESL Levels 1-6 and  classes that students can take after finishing ESL Level 6.    ESL = English as a Second Language classes at Wake Tech Community College (WTCC);   CCR = the College and Career Readiness program at Wake Tech. This program includes ESL, High School Equivalency (HSE) preparation, and other classes that ESL students may attend after finishing Level 6.

1) The ESL Program at Wake Tech  (ESL Level 1-6).   See the Registration Dates page for the dates and locations of ESL classes.

  • ESL flow chart      This flow chart shows the path from the orientation sessions and placement in our ESL classes (Levels 1 to 6 and ABE) to a career path decision, either vocational (career training) or academic  (High School Equivalency (HSE) Prep, Continuing Education classes, or higher education, including Wake Tech curriculum classes).
  • ESL (Levels 1 to 6)  non-academic, life skill courses for adult non-native English speakers who want to learn English. Placement testing is given at registration to determine class placement.  Classes are offered at several  locations in Wake Tech campuses and community sites.
  • Add-On Classes for students already enrolled in a morning or evening ESL class at WTCC. Classes are held at the Beltline Center (BEC) and North Campus (401N) and may include:
    • Literacy class
    • Writing class
    • Reading & Vocabulary class 
    • Pronunciation & Grammar class
  • ESL Online for students who are want to learn English at home via the internet. Students do NOT have enrolled in a morning or evening ESL class at a WTCC site. 
  • ESL-Supported Career-Focused classes – for students interested in specifics careers and are currently in ESL Levels 5 or 6 or in ABE.

2) After ESL Level 6 (Other classes for CCR students):

  • ABE (Reading Review or Transition For Advanced ESL Students) classes are for students that have tested out of ESL Level 6, but need to increase their English reading and writing skills. Class instruction is centered on developing foundational reading and vocabulary skills. (Scroll down the ESL class list to “Expanded Reading and Vocabulary” classes.)
  • “Beyond the Basics” –   Advanced communication classes for ESL students  that address special areas of focus, such as Oral Communication, Writing Skills and Pronunciation, and vary from semester to semester.  These classes include a fee.  
  • Connect To… Classes and Career-focused Classes   – designed specifically to help you explore a career path, while you complete your studies in the College &  Career Readiness program. (Some classes may be accessible to students in ESL Levels 5 and 6, especially with prior knowledge of the subject area.)
  • Citizenship Class – designed for Intermediate level ESL students (Levels 3 to 6) to help them learn about and prepare for the Citizenship process.
  • TOEFL Prep Class – preparation for the Test of English as a Foreign Language. This test is generally for students who wish to attend a 4-year university or graduate school in the U.S.

The following classes may also be of interest to our ESL students. For more information about our ESL and High School Equivalency Prep (formerly GED) classes, see our Basic Skills page or our Continuing Education course catalog.

Class / Interest Area  Contact
High School Equivalency (HSE) Prep (Formerly GED®)  919-334-1500 or
ABE TOPS  Registration Info 919-334-1507 or
Adult High School (AHS)
Tammie Quick: 919-334-1578 or
Career Focus Classes  Sue O’Neill: 919-334-1516 or
Refugee Student Placement    Michele Hall: 919-334- 1549 or
Citizenship Classes Robin Abdelilah 919-334-1509 or
College and Career Readiness Counselor; Underage Student Paperwork Contact Wendy Elston-Davis:  (919) 334-1506 or

Beyond the Basics Classes

Susan Ballard:  (919) 866-5880 or

Bilingual (Spanish-English) Vocational ( A/C, Cake Decorating, Acrylic Nails, etc…) and Computer Training  Maria L. Obregon:  (919) 532-5652 or
EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Michael T. Jones: (919) 866-5627 or
HEP (High School Equivalency for migrant workers)  Maria LaFuente Fister: (919) 866-5850
HRD  (Human Resources Development)  and Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)   classes that provide job skills training and assistance for adults who are:

  • Trying to find employment
  • Transitioning back into the workforce
  • Working to redefine their professional skills

International Student WTCC Admissions including questions about U.S. visas and foreign document & degree evaluation


Susan Ballard: (919) 334-1536 or