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  1. I want to be a citizen for some reasons. One of them is because everyone in my house is citizen, when we travel to my country and we came back just me have to do a long line to pass inmigration check so american line is always short. Another reason is I want to have the same right like an american has, such as blue passport, vote, etc.

  2. Thank you for your comments, everyone. I am glad that you are enjoying the class with your teacher, Angela. Good luck!

  3. This is a very good class preparing people to become citizens of USA. The teacher, Ms. Barbara Grubbs has been a wonderful teacher, very patient, nice and ready to answer any question, no question is a foolish one. Great job Barbara!!!!

    I seize this opportunity to say a big “Thank You” to the management of Wake Tech. You are always the best…….

  4. I like this class very much. And also the practice of interview, hot seat. The teacher Barbara is one of my favorite teachers,she is very helpful and sweet.

  5. I like our Citizenship Class because It is very interesting and important class for us. It is helpful for us not only for preparing for exam but for knowledge about American history, about government’s structure, about Constitution of the U.S.
    From my point of view, every person who lives here has to know about America more then only about good places for shopping or restaurants.
    Thanks to teacher Barbara Grubb for America discovering for us. Columbus discovered America for all word, but our teacher for us. I began to love the U.S. more then before. And I got a chance to compare government structure in the U.S. and in Russia – country where I lived before.
    About our teacher again. Barbara is very friendly person and good teacher. Her English pronunciation is perfect and, unbelievable, I understand her fully. All questions I had were solved.
    About our class. It is good company for learning together, all people are friendly.
    Thank you!

  6. ESL was for mi very, very, very good. I’m so exited about everything I learned in that class…geography, history, civil. Thanks to teacher Barbara, she teaches very well.

  7. Excellent opportunity to learn about US history, government and information about US.
    Help to improve my English terminology for Citizenship test and understand each section of form N-400.
    Teacher Barbara is very nice and easy to understand the class.
    The visit of immigration officer help to clarify some question that we had about the process.

    Thanks a lot for this ESL class.

  8. Hello Nahed,
    We plan to start the citizenship classes near the end of September. We will update this website when we have further details. Thank you for your question.

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