Part 3: U.S History

Here are some websites to help you learn more about U.S. history:

An excellent website from the National Museum of American History and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS):

See how much U.S. history you know with these self-tests from USCIS:

U.S. History: Naturalization Self-Test #1:

U.S. History: Naturalization Self-Test #2:


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  1. The Declaration of Independence announced our freedom from Great Britain on July 4, 1776.

  2. I learned about the civil war. It was a war between the North and the South.North was industrial and South was agriculture and had more slaves than North. Araham Lincoln was President during the war and he did The Emancipation Proclamation and preserved the States Union.

  3. I was very impressed about all of the histry of the U.S.A. Many people thought about own country. It’s a beautifull. Now I know the story of the founding of the United State of America. Especialy I like the story of Independence, where came from the flag, Susan B. Anthony, and Martin Luther King,Jr. It is wonderfull thing that everyone know own rithts and responsibilities. History is always helpfull for my understanding.

  4. I Like history about Susan B Anthony because she fought for women’s rights.I like to Martin Luther king he worked for equality for all Americans,now everyone is free in The United States.

  5. Any citizen can vote, males of any race.
    The American Civil War is also known as the War betwen the States. It was war between the people in the northern states and those in the southern states.

  6. my name is mariano ilike liven en united states because is a nice country to liven and i like de securite for my family and i like here because is a nice litle town and i learn by the history for united states i learn for the amendments about de constitution example i learn by the citizen need have 18 year and older to vote and i learn i was citizen i can vote and rune for federal office i learn then thomas jefferson wrote the declaration of independece in 1776 i learn there are 100 senator in the us senate and i need seid tanks to mi teacher barbara.

  7. Hello Maya, Thank you for your comment! Yes, as was discussed in class, the 15th amendment said that a U.S. citizen cannot be prevented from voting because of race or color. As you know, the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote, and the 26th amendment extended to right to vote to citizens who are at least 18 years old.

  8. One new thing what I have learned today was that Pilgrims had their Religion and specific costume.

  9. I feel good learning the history of the United States of America. it’s awesome to know how the people come to here, they coming for new opportunities, for freedom religion, for a new live… this country is a blessing.

  10. It was interesting today in class because I learned about Native Americans, Pilgrims, and Cristopher Columbus history. Also I learned about how the first colony was settled and the reason why Thanksgiving is celebrate it every year.

  11. I’ve learned today about American History. It was very interesting learn how colonist came to America. It was sad to know how much people die when they came to America

  12. The most Important thing for me was the exploration of columbus.also I going to read the English settlement at jamestown s very interesting for me.

  13. I like very much to learn that when Pilgrims arrived to America and was helped for Native survey, Pilgrims was grateful with Native Americans and they invited them to have a lunch with differen food they had learned from them .. It was the first THANKSGIVING

  14. One thing that I learned today was about the history from Columbus Land to the Pilgrims settle at Plymouth
    In this history found something in common with us, the one reason Colonists come to America is for economic opportunity .

  15. Today I learn about the Early Explorations, Native Americans…and more!. Was very interesting learn about the first England Colony: Jamestown (Virginia) and the Lost Colony (Manteo, NC), I would like to visit these places in my next vacations.

  16. Is to much interesting for me now the histoy the contry i live because i want to U.S Citizen. And is necesary i now this part the United States.

  17. what is one things you learned about U.S. history /
    yes I’m very interested about the Thanksgiving day is from the first pilgrims came to the land of Plymouth colony . they have disease and not food with cold whether then died . the American Indians help them how can fishing and haunting with growing plant ,after one year the pilgrims have a first harvest then they invites these American Indians come to more good food at Fourth Thursday of Novenber 1621.

  18. I learned U.S history and thanksgiving was celebrated the first time by American colonists.I was interesting the name American Indians tribe in the United States

  19. Oops! I think those numbers are reversed Azael…”In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” :o)

  20. Today was very interesting, because we learn about the Father of our country(George Washington) and Thomas Jefferson)… I love the American History…

  21. I have learned today about American Independence. The Declaration of Independence was adopted in July 4, 1776.

  22. The United States history is very interesting, today we learn about The Revolution and the Declaration of Independence. Great information and knowledge for our naturalization test.

  23. Today I learned about the history of the first President of the United States of America, and who was Thomas Jefferson too. Also that there were 13 colonies and they became free from England on July 4, 1776.

  24. If I want to be Citizen of this Country, It is very important for me, to know about the United States History and the people who helped to the Independence to the United States and their interesting histories.

  25. Today we study the first President of the Unite Stated of the America, his name is George Washington. And Thomas Jefferson winter of the declaration of Independence. In July 4th we celebrate the Independence Day. Patrick Henry is a Colonial Leader Hi said ” Give me Liberty or Give me death”. This is a strom work!

  26. today ,we learned more American history, special : American revolution ,it start from 1770 and the revolutionary war start from 1775-1783 . In these long years, there have more colonist into the this great revolution. the George Washington is colonial Army commander in chief and he was a father of our country. Thomas Jefferson writer of the declaration of independence .

  27. Today I learned about U.S. history. So I get to know about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the need for independence.

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