Verbs with Prepositions

I know that English preposition rules can be confusing. There are many verbs that use specific prepositions and if you use an incorrect preposition the meaning changes or you could say something altogether incorrect.

Here are some examples:

laugh about            She laughed about what the children had done.

laugh at                    We always laugh at his jokes.

learn about            I need to learn more about that topic.

lend ST to SO         I lent my dictionary to her.

listen for                 The mechanic said I should listen for any squeaking sounds.

listen to                  He loves to listen to his MP3 player on the subway.

long for                   I long for a week on the beach in Hawaii.

look at                     Look at this old picture of my grandmother.

look forward to    I look forward to meeting her parents.

ST = something; SO = someone

There is a great website that has a verb + preposition dictionary. You just select the letter that a word begins with and you can find out what prepositions go with that word.

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