Snow Day Vocabulary

Wake Tech will be CLOSED AGAIN on Thursday, February 13, so I want to give you some English to practice at home. Here are some winter weather words you might hear or see on the news:

  • snow – light, white, frozen water falling from the sky
  • ice – hard, solid, frozen water
  • freezing rain – starts as liquid water, but freezes (changes to ice) in the air
  • sleet – ice falling from the sky
  • wintry mix – snow, freezing rain, and sleet together
  • blizzard – a big snow storm
  • wind chill – when the air feels colder than it really is because of the wind
  • frost – a thin layer of ice
  • icicle – a long, thin piece of ice hanging from something
  • black ice – ice that is difficult to see on the road

Stay inside! Be safe! If you don’t need to drive, don’t drive!


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